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Friday, March 17, 2006

Time flies..... when your swining

Are you kidding me, my time in Oz is over, let see....six rounds of golf (thats equivalent to walking 30 miles) dozens of beers, bottles of wine, enough lamb to hold me over till next spring (damn that lamb kebab was good!), pages of food notes and creative brainstorming and most importantly...I took it all in, no cell phones, no cooks not showing up, no customer complaints...just good ol fun and food.

Its been a great 2 weeks so far, I think part of me was just cruising and pacing myself for the next couple of weeks. From Melbourne I venture to Hong Kong where I meet up with my chef buddy Frank and other recruits for the "Southeast Asian Fest of 2006". I will also be seeing an old highschool classmate, Beverly, she and her husband have lived in Hong Kong for 8 years now...I'm sure she will know a few cool places to go to.

Before leaving Melbourne, Brian and I took a journey to Bells Beach, home of Australian Surfing, there we ate at Los Cabos, one of two burrito joints in Melbourne. Yet another business opportunity, the burritos were weak...weak...weak. Brian has really got to get on this and open his burrito shop. We also had Fish and Chips, love what these shops do, you can choose the type of fish you want fried and how much you want to eat, there are 6-10 different types of fish available. I really enjoyed my fish and chips.

Looking back, the time here was well spent...I've haven't felt this relaxed and inspired in a long time. We caught the opening ceremonies for the Commonwealth Games on the tele, Melbourne was definitely on "center stage". Though I didn't have a major epicurean moment, the overall food scene in Melbourne is enjoyable...many highs and some unexpected lows. Would I rank it in the class of New York or San Francisco.....ah "nope". But if you were traveling to Melbourne, the food would add to the experience. I'm sure I missed a lot of great places, but of course my intentions were to just let it come to me.

I haven't blogged in a few days, this is a quickie until I set up shop in Hong Kong...I think part of me is mentally preparing my self for the food comas to come...and in HK the swine is on.


At 1:05 PM, Blogger KT said...

Very fun to read your travels! You know how to describe things just perfectly! Hope your St Patty's day was full o luck. Looking forward to readin your next blog. Take care and travel safe. -fefe

At 12:38 PM, Blogger Giselle Tongi said...

Hey Rod,
Sorry Sakura and I missed you before you left. I really enjoy reading your blogs! WHat a swinin' good idea! I am living vicariously through your meals. What a delight!

Are you not stopping by Manila?

Take care my friend,


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