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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Good Morning Hong Kong!!!!!!!!!

My friend Beverly was a radio DJ, excuse me in HK its Radio Presenter, for a weekly radio show, she is no longer there but kindly called her old partner and asked if he, Kevin, would like a radio guest, "famed" Chef Rodelio from Los Angeles (Whatever right). he jumped at the opportunity to interview yours truly...who wouldn't.

After we had dinner at Lucy's, the charming cozy restaurant in Stanley Village, we ventured to Kowloon, what was supposed to take 35 minutes took alsmost 2 hours as we got lost and lost and lost, (Bless Beverly for not cracking under the pressure) As the adventure to the radio station entered its 100 minute, we would listen to Kevin previewing the interview with me, "We're lost!" . I would shout at the radio, I'm coming.

Finally we arrived close to 1am....tired and frustrated I met Kevin and his visiting Mother from Belfast and we got to it. The interview was for an hour as we talked about food, Asian culture, Filipino food, life, traveling and music...it was really cool...maybe a glimpse of a second career?

We got back @ 3am and I prepared to leave the next day for Vietnam, my buddies Frank and Joe were arriving the day after me so I had one evening in Vietnam on my own. But first there was one more 5 star meal to be had at Bo Innovation, a cutting edge chef named Kevin Leung, a maverick and self promoted "Demon Chef". Self taught and inspired by Ferran Adria and Alain Ducasse, his menu was very French with Asian touches...tasting menu it is.

We started with an array of amuse bouche, the most memeorable was toro sushi with foie gras flakes. Followed was a tempura frog leg with a truffled porridge, quite nice. The remaining dishes were plated on misproportioned plates and lacked sophistication and flavor. The intentions of his menu were honorable, but once again I was subjected to style over substance. Something us Chefs get caught up in...this trip has definitely fortified my sensibilities and my style of cooking. My desire to stay within myself and cook with style and have substance on the plate. We left the meal and went to have noodles down the street before I headed to the airport.

I arrived in Saigon later that night, after checking into my hotel, a fabulous one at that, I hopped on a pedicab and went for a midnight swine hunt (no not that swine...this is a family blog...thought the ladies were out in full force) I found a corner cafe and ordered a bowl of pho and lemograss pork chop....amazing...of course it was because my good ole pal, Bill Clinton's picture was hanging in the restaurant...I really want to go restaurant hopping with this cat. After my meal I venture thru the night market then eventually turned in for the night...alone, you guys are funny.

The next day Frank and Joe arrived eagerly ready to venture and eat...before they arrived and I caught up with the Madness, March Madness...I'm a big UCLA Bruin fan and Final Four Baby....(for those of you who don't know I went to school there)...GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!

The night before I made friends with the pedicab drivers and we decided to take the pedicab tour...pure madness!!!! Will have to leave you hanging there...the lunch bell is ringing...we preordered the suckling pig and can't be late. Swine at first bite.

SA miss you tons, wish you were with me, I smile when I think of you. A shout out to "Carmelake", have a great convention in LA.


At 9:59 AM, Blogger 1SFN8TV said...

Hey Rod, any unusual items that you have seen or tried in your travels that you truly would want to serve in one of your next endeavors out here? I think you also need to post a list of the Top Ten Swines to try while traveling the world! Holla

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